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What is RFID and Application?
RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) is used for identifying physical objects using computer chips with wireless communications capabilities. It is primarily used in distribution and logistics for tracking product information, distribution channels, and distribution logs. RFID is attracting attention as a key technology of the ubiquitous networking era. Now many users set RFID at farms traceability system for animals feeding records or cargo warehouse counting.

RFID Antenna Design
Antennas are used to transmit radio frequency energy from location X to location Y. UHF RFID systems, the wavelength in free space at 13.56 MHz is 22.12 meters. The standard ground plane antenna has a length of one quarter of the wavelength which is 5.53 meters. We are unlikely to come close to such dimension. The probably antenna design solution is using L and C passive components for resonance circuits magnetic coupling.

INVAX offers custom RFID antenna design and development services to customers looking to safely, efficiently, and successfully integrate complete RFID solutions. INVAX engineers can design the antenna technology around a given product form factor, physical space, or application requirements. If you experience specialized situations with read reliability, interference issues, or form factor limitations, we can help you solve these problems. INVAX will help you design a solution that meets your placement, cost, power consumption, and read differentiation (anti-collision) requirements.

Frequency Range: HF (13.56 MHz) or UHF (860-960 MHz)
Antenna Types: dipole / patch / loop / microstrip / meander line
Material: ceramic / FR4 / FPCB / metal patch

PCB Type


Technical Specification

Frequency Range : 13.56MHz

Dimension : 60x35mm